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Financial Controller

Financial Controller is the ultimate financial relationship allowing us to become part of your team and help your business achieve its financial plans.

A Financial Controller is normally reserved for the larger business but you too can benefit.

One aspect of your business we focus on with this service is cash. We ensure that you manage your cashflow and that you do not run out of it.

In addition we help you get your finances and finance department in order.
You will then have all the financial information you need to make decisions for the business in a sound way.

What’s included?

  • All annual compliance requirements completed by an agreed date within an agreed budget:
  • Annual Financial Statements (if required)
  • Tax Returns (Corporation, PAYE, Self-Assessment as necessary)
  • Our 100% never miss a deadline guarantee (Tax, accounts, Payroll etc)
  • We will check your VAT returns for you to make sure they are correct
  • Compliance work can create opportunities especially in the tax planning area, we can provide options for you and clearly outline each one;
  • We can also make suggestions for your business to assist you to gain the best possible tax situation;
  • Meet once every quarter to see how things are going.
  • A telephone call at least once a month to keep track of progress.
  • Full Management Account Support
  • Full support for Xero Bookkeping Package
  • Unlimited advice by phone and emails

With additional financial control:

  • Advice on cash flow and how to track cash.
  • Advice on credit control and how to ensure you collect 100% of your money.
  • Advice on pricing your services.
  • Preparation of financial forecasts
  • Help with identifying your KPi’s
  • Business re-organisation to ensure your business is organised in the correct way.

We promote your business with:

  • Membership to our referral network
  • Inclusion in our social media promotion plan
  • An invitation to post customer offers on this site

Plus you can upgrade Financial Controller to include:

  • Access to Xero the world’s easiest accounting package

Our Financial Controller service starts from as little as £499 plus VAT per month.