To round-up January

This month was all about recruitment and tips on how to make the recruitment process easier. Recruitment is vital in business and is your gateway to great employees, but knowing how to recruit the right candidate for your team and the business can be tricky. Our first tip was how not [...]

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Pros and cons of working with family and friends in business

Ever dreamed of starting a family business or considered investing in a franchise opportunity with friends? Businesses owned and operated by families can have incredible staying power. Volkswagen, Samsung, and Nike - all family-owned companies - are among the world’s most successful, leading brands. It can be fun and rewarding to [...]

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How Not To Recruit

Eighty per cent of staff turnover is caused by bad hiring decisions, according to the Harvard Business Review. There are many reasons why your staff turnover is high and finding these snags in your recruitment process is the key to reducing this. The most frequent reason is lack of personal development; [...]

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Finding leads through social media

Social media is vastly growing year on year, and is a great way of advertising your business through social posts and paid advertisement, so why wouldn’t you consider this? Facebook ads are a particularly attractive option for small business owners looking to get involved in online advertising. Compared to competitors like Google AdWords, they [...]

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