To round-up January

This month was all about recruitment and tips on how to make the recruitment process easier. Recruitment is vital in business and is your gateway to great employees, but knowing how to recruit the right candidate for your team and the business can be tricky.

Our first tip was how not to recruit – recruitment can be quite regimental if you are in big business, but this may not always be the best way of recruiting for your ideal candidate. Our first blog showed how your recruitment process can either help, or hinder, the urge a candidate gains to apply for the job. What we can take from this:

  • Monitor your recruitment process regularly to identify any flaws
  • Invest your time in new starters to reduce your staff turnover
  • Don’t rush your recruitment process

To find out more on recruitment, click on the link How not recruit”

Our next tip was what to do if you fall out with your business partner, something that no one wants to happen, but it is possible. The solution is to pre-plan for this situation. When starting a business with another person, this is the last thing you want to think about but it is vital to ensure that you safeguard the business and each other, if this was to happen.  If a plan was not put in place at the beginning when the business was started, then seeking professional advice is the key to resolving this and coming to a civil agreement on sharing the business.

To find out more on business partners click on the link What to do if you fall out with your business partner ”

Our last tip was the pros and cons of working with family and friends; this is quite frequent in business, especially small family-owned businesses. This is about making sure that as a business owner, you have thought about the pros and cons of working with those you are close to, before going ahead with the business or hiring someone you know.

To find out more on Working with Family or Friends, click on the link “Pros and cons of working with family and friends in business ”

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