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Business Review Programme

Most small business owners want to sell their business one day in the future but the route to making this happen is often not considered. This service helps by identifying the things you need to do to your business now to make it a proposition worth considering for investors. The service also includes business valuation at today’s value.

The benefits of this service are:

  • Increase the value of your business when you come to sell
  • Identify ways to reduce problems in the business now
  • Organise and discuss an action plan for your exit

How the process works!

The process works via a one to one meeting. At the meeting, your adviser will ask you questions about your business to get to know how it works and what you want from it, to produce a plan of how you are going to achieve the exit you need.

Areas covered are:

  • What the business is like now
  • What we need to do to the business
  • The ideal buyer
  • How much to sell it for
  • How to sell
  • What to avoid


This service is available as an addition to our core services or as a stand-alone service. The Price for this is £749 + VAT and if included as part of our accounting service can be spread over 12 months.