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Financial Review Programme

Having good and accurate financials is essential if your buisness is going to acheive its full potential.

Our Financial Review Programme is a one to one with an adviser who will look at your business’s financial situation and review your current situation, identify any issues that need attention and help put tools in place to avoid problems.

How the process works!

The process works via a one to one meeting where your adviser will ask you questions about your business to get to know how it works and the problems you may be facing.

Areas covered are:

  • Management and Forecasting
  • Credit Control
  • Monthly Management Accounts
  • Financial Review and Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Bookkeeping

The solutions

We have tools that have been developed to help with all the issues mentioned above and if these fit within your business, then they are included in the price of the service. The value in this service is having a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate the business and point out things that may have been missed in the past.


This service is available as an addition to our core services or as a stand-alone service. The Price for this is £749 + VAT and if included as part of our accounting service can be spread over 12 months.

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