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Getting Back On Track

Sometimes things can get out of control and the way forward can seem unclear. Often you are so close to the problems in your business that you are unsure what to do next.
This service is perfect for the businesses where things have got a little bit out of hand and the owners are unsure how things got like that.

If any of this is your reality then we have the solution for you.

  • Cash flow is always a problem and you don’t know where all the cash goes!
  • You just can’t seem to get organized!
  • You have no decent financial information!
  • Things are regularly being filed late!
  • You feel your business is running you and not the other way around!
  • You can’t leave the business at the office and it is keeping you awake at night!
  • You can’t get your employees to do what you need them to!

The GBOT service is an intensive four week programme where we come and work in and on your business to offer help, guidance and practical solutions in order to help you to:

  • identify why things are going wrong and how to change
  • manage cash flow
  • give you a structure to get you organized
  • get you started on the path to decent cash flow
  • get control of your business

This service is available as an addition to our core services or as a stand-alone service. The Price for this is £999 + VAT and if included as part of our accounting service can be spread over 12 months.

To enquire click here >>> Accountants in Kent Helping Your Business Get Back On Track.