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Project Description

Payroll & Pensions Service: Maidstone, Kent – Maidstone YMCA

We run a seamless and hassle-free Payroll service for  Leisure Facility Provider, Maidstone YMCA, based in Maidstone Kent who needed to be confident that their Payroll and Pensions were being taken of care with 100% accuracy and 100% confidentiality.

Payroll is an increasingly complex area which seems to suffer from constant changes, none of which make it easier to manage. Maidstone YMCA felt that it was more cost effective to outsource this work to us using our Payroll Service.

We have modernised our approach to Payroll with things such as electronically issuing Payslips – these are now emailed directly to employees and to paying employees by use of a BACS file instead of paying employees individually.

Payroll adapts all of the time and unless you are also constantly adapting you can be left behind.

Fantastic Company. Maidstone YMCA have used Accsys for a number of years. They are friendly, approachable and very professional.

Rachel Harbord, Maidstone YMCA

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