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Accountants in kent

This month is all about the relationship with your accountant, giving you some great insight and advice on how to manage this relationship to the benefit of your business. Seeing or hearing from your accountant on a regular basis makes a massive difference to your business. An accountant, who keeps in contact regularly, can get to understand your business and help by being available when you need them for guidance. What’s more, this type of accountant is more likely to spot tax planning opportunities or potential issues and help you avoid these.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to grow your business and resolve all the common scenarios that most businesses come across throughout their time.

Accountants – The Relationship problem

Many people don’t have a close relationship with their accountant and in some cases, try to avoid communicating with them. Accountants are not a necessary evil, they are there to provide support and guidance, so don’t distance yourself from them.

Many business owners think of their accountants as either:

  1. The police/headmaster making sure you don’t do anything wrong
  2. Mentors or guides to help you run your business
  3. AWOL – totally absent from any of your day to day activities

What do you think of yours?

If your view of your accountant is either 1 or 3, then you are missing out on something that could be invaluable to help your business grow.  Being in either of these groups could be the source of many of your business problems.  The right accountant can, and will, have a huge positive impact on your business.

Relationship with your Accountant, Kent, Maidstone