Xerocon 2019

Last week we visited the amazing Xerocon London 2019, a world-class online accounting conference. This is an accountant’s dream filled with all the new tips and tools that are coming soon to Xero.

Xerocon was a great day for us to network with other likeminded people and get up to date with the latest updates, apps and tips all, so you don’t have to.

With a variety of world-class speakers, we were able to broaden our knowledge of the industry itself and get inspiration to bring back to our office, allow us to implement all these new Xero tips into our day to day work.

The theme for this year’s Xerocon was cashflow, we all know that cash is “king” so what a benefit it was to get an insight on how Xero is going to make this easier for business and improve cash flow.

A few of the Xero affiliated Apps that help companies with cash flow are:

• GOCardless – Great for direct debits, seamless way of collecting recurring payments.
• Iwoca – Finance solutions
• MarketInvoice – Invoice finance and business loans

Xero Improvements Coming Soon:

Payments from within Xero
Xero announced a partnership with Transferwise to allow you to make payments directly from within Xero. No more logging onto the bank to make individual bacs transfers. Initially, you will have to make a payment to Tranferwise, but in the future this will be automatic.

Customer Credit Limits
For many years Xero has been promising to put a credit limit on customer and warn you if you are about to raise an invoice for someone who has exceeded this. This is now beginning to happen. To start with this looks like this:

Hover over the customer name once you have entered it into a new invoice and you will see how much they owe you. Watch this space for enhancements on this feature.

Machine Learning

At Xerocon Machine Learning was also a big topic – in the context of Xero this means cutting down on data entry by automatically reading invoices as they come in. Xero owns Hubdoc which links to third parties to bring invoices and bank statements into Xero.

With all of these new improvements coming to Xero we want to help our clients the best we can by providing a step by step guide on how they work, what they look like and how this is going to better your experience when using Xero in your day to day work life. So stay tuned for the new improvements and apps with Xero.

Overall, Xerocon was both informative and inspiring few days. That has given us the tools and new knowledge to pass onto our clients. This conference has allowed us to gain an understanding of how to streamline our client’s time to make their life easier by making Xero less time-consuming. This means that our clients have more time to focus on growing their business.

We know that Xero can be a maze sometimes and a lot to get your head around when you are first introduced to Xero!

We are here to help you with this, visit our training page today to book onto our Xero training for beginners which will take place on the 4th December.

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