Business Owners are now feeling the shock of Dividends changes – Thanks George

Back in 2015 George Osbourne announced a change to dividends tax rate that effectively increased the tax burden on small business owners. The effects of this were not felt immediately so the change probably passed many by. It is only now that many business owners are receiving their 2016/17 tax returns that the full effect [...]

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The Town That Took on The Tax Man

Did you see this BBC2 documentary last night? If not check it out on the iPlayer. The business people of Crickhowell, a small town in Wales, took on HMRC and the tax system to try and level the playing field for small businesses. They attempted to prove a point by researching and investigate a [...]

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Is There Too Much Red Tape For Small Businesses?

Surely no-one can dispute that small businesses are vital for the economy: In 2013, there were 4.9 million businesses in the UK, over 99% of which were small and medium enterprises. Small and medium enterprises employed 14,424,000 people in the UK in 2013. The European Commission’s SME Performance Review estimates the Gross Value Added of [...]

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Has Your Accountant Discovered Their Inner Magician?

I have noticed lately an increase in the number of calls from business owners whose accountants have seemingly taken on Magical Powers. They have mastered the art of disappearing. Cutting off all communication from their clients and effectively ceasing their involvement with them. When this happens it puts enormous pressure on the business owner because they [...]

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HMRC Are Watching You.

If you happen to read HMRC’s website (and I do more than I care to admit) you would see that one of their key responsibilities is safeguarding the flow of money to the Exchequer through collection, compliance and enforcement activities. Which is to say they collect the tax that is due. Almost all income is [...]

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A Great Summer Budget 2015? Not for Small Business

In our opinion todays budget was for, in the most part, the employed, as opposed to the self-employed or small business owner. An increase in the personal allowance and the creation of the living wage will be welcomed but the changes we have seen with increased taxed on dividends along with the removal of employment allowance [...]

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It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.

I couldn’t resist quoting The Godfather when writing this post about keeping your personal expenditure separate from your Business expenditure. The rest of this post doesn't quite live up to the excitement of this epic film but whilst it's not exciting it is important. When you first started your business you probably started as a [...]

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