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Round up marketing-Accsys accountants

There are loads of key tips that we can take from this month; the first being that social media is a great way of expanding your brand awareness and gaining new leads. We delved into how this will impact your social media presence and how you can work in conjunction with Google to get your web traffic. We have also learnt the value of Facebook Ads and how this can affect your reach and engagement on social media.

Tools that will help you achieve social media presence:

  • Zoho social
  • Facebook advertising help, which you can find in the drop-down help button of your business Facebook page.

Facebook- Marketing kent

To find out more on social media marketing, click on the link “Finding leads through social media.”

Following on nicely from our social media leads generation blog, we then looked into how to maximise the use of your website and understanding the ways you can improve your website to suit the needs of your target audience, in turn improving your web traffic. We also advised on different tools that will allow you to test the speed of your website and test your SEO presence.

Tools that will help ensure an efficient website:

To find out more on this, visit the following link “Maximising the use of your website”.

Finally, we looked at “don’t forget your existing customers.”  This is a vital blog that you need to look into – many businesses focus all of their attention on trying to find new leads, when they actually need to have a 50/50 split between their new and existing customers. We highlighted the importance of your existing customers and the part they have played in helping you to grow your business and the need to ensure that you retain them.  We made suggestions for ways in which you can interact with your existing customers, as well as new ones to ensure that you can grow your business steadily, whilst keeping customers happy.

If you missed this blog, then click on the link to find out more  “Don’t forget your existing customers”.

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